Monday, 30 April 2012

I've got Bijou-ers :)

Assalamualaikumm ...
Oh Hi ! Yesterday I was busy decorating my blog , eheh , It's been so long for me to do these things . How was it ? Do you like the result ? Even it's not much . Actually I prefer a simple design , the one that doesn't make you feel serabotserabotnaktukabloglain feel . Hehe , btw the Enakei is a 'Back to top' button . I could not find a cute arrow that suits me , so I just put her to add cuteness in my page . Ahaha Bijouispetite and so is Enakei .

p/s : I've got followers now and thanks a lot for following me :) it's means a WORLD . Big thanks for you guys , you guys are awesome <3
Will make a proper post for you guys when it reaches 10 Bijou-ers .

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