Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Awesome Petite :)

Assalamualaikumm . . .
As promised , now it's time to make an entry for my followers , 
as a sign to show how much grateful I to have Bijou-ers <3

XXwarningXX it's gonna be quite a long post , ngeehe .
My first follower named Azwar Syuhada,
to Azwar :Thank You :) 
feel free to check out her blog and here a snapshot of her blog .
pink gituh . auww .

Second is Nor Azizah Safardin :)
to Azizah : Thank you :)
her blog is simple yet creative , tutorial please . ehehe .
 how did you do this ? its awesomerrr .
good info about shawl though .

Fariha Haris scored third place :)
to Fariha : Thank you :)
a little advice for you Fariha , "dikk , cintan tolak tepilah dulu dikk, peacee "

move on to Fourth Bijou-ers .
Izzah Pinky and to her : Thank you , love to play game rupanya . Me too , Fashion World lahh .

#5 Azura @cik buaya with her Classic story ecececehh . 
tehengenn nak join kontest , but i'm still green and still building my base . 

*coughcough* gonna stop here first because I have a fever actually , so mata dah berpinar , so better publish this first then I will continue with the rest .
sorry for my short thank you , because I'm not the type who show affection towards each other well . I stalk I read but you just don't know about it :)


  1. Thankssss ^^. Terharu nyerrr. Mmg ader rase nk wat Tuto gak. Karanggg2 jerr. Hehe :) .BIGCLAPPPPP :)

  2. eh sampai hati mummy punya takde? sobssss...merajuk la :(

    1. dah ada dah mummy punya , jgnla merajuk hehe :)


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