Sunday, 13 May 2012

I'm Sorry -.-

Assalamualaikum ,
I'm sorry for being away for a long time , i've been very busy plus my tenet connection ada probs sket akhirakhir ni and my sista want to use the desktop to make her assignment , budak sekolah lah katakan :) . So today , i want to continue what i've promised . A post about awesome Bijou-ers . hehe

#6 Bijou-ers is Minah Bunga , but i'm soooooo sorry i forgot which one is your blog , but if you read this , do comment with your name :)

Nur Farah Hanim SiComot took 7th place :)

hmmm , Goodluck SPM this year okeh ? do your best XD

okay , move on to number 8 , he's a Chinese guy , haha , to be honest never expect to have a different race follower . Thank You :DD Jackie's Point of View

#9 is Zyraroxx . perghh nama catchy kott plus u punya blog pon comel , hehe .

about that Nok 888 , is that true ? kenapa xpenah tahu , hehe .

we almost reached the end *drumroll* 
#10 Bijou-ers issssss Liyana Rahim . woohoo .

 kek Afiq Danial tu nampak sedapppp . nak siket . haha

and i also want to make special thanks to my 11th , 12th and 13th Bijou-ers . sebab they all Awesome , ngehe .

11th is Mummy ohsemm , wahh this is the first time i founded someone yang bergelar ibu berblogging . wahh advanced lahh 

bertuahlah Adriana kekecik dah jadi retis , 

you punya header kreatif ah , macamana buat ?

and 13th is Tinta seorang mujahidah . ayuje nama blog , well kita sama-sama nak menjadi Mujahidah yang baik :)

At Last i've made it ! thanks again to all Bijou-ers , whether you followed or not and also to the silent readers . THANK YOU VERY MUCH . :D
and again i'm so sorry for being away for quite a long time , and sorry if my writings hurt you .


  1. Eh ada blog kita lah thnkss loll <3 doakan kita tok spm yaa

    1. Seoga Berjaya , jgnlupa usaha skali . If not , Du'a only is worthless , :D

  2. terharu yana...huhuuhuuuu btw thanks sudi memasukkan blog yana dlm entry nie. 1st time. opsss afiq danial ckp klu nak sikit kek tuh tgu next year punya celebration...heeee ^_^


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