Wednesday, 23 May 2012

World Change !

Assalamualaikum . . .
Hello Petites ;p
Today I'm gonna share one story that made me think . Haha , like all this time I never think la kann . Ah ! right now I'm watching Man From Equator at channel 391 , it's kinda interesting tho . 
Dang ! get back to topic *quickly clean all the stuff and sit straight*

This story happened last month , I think . Me as usual will drop by at gerai  mak jemah *i've made that name* to buy breakfast . then i overheard the Indian family next to me entertained their daughter not very sure what they are babling about , but there's one word that made me understand 

Indian family : *blahblah indian langs*
daughter : McDonalds 
Indian family : Nono they are close .

cehh , padahal McD to 24/7

Can u see what my points here ? 
No ?
what i want to say izzz , when kids my age before would rarely ask McD for breakfast , 
'Makkk nak nasi lemak' 'makk nak roti canai' ' mak nak lempang , ehh lempeng'
thats all is pretty common , but now ? most kids want to eat the expensive meal that they've seen on tvs . and the commercial sounded like their food is healthy enough , no need ! to take carbos , protein and other . just eat that stupid burger can make you healthy ! haha LAME . 

Now look around and observe what else have changed .

sorry if my story make no sense .

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